Knowing How to Blog NoFollow or DoFollow with Firefox addons

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You definitely know what it is on Mozilla Firefox?

What you guys are the bloggers who love to hunt backlinks? what you're looking for - looking for dofollow blogs?

Or do you want to know the blog dofollow? how to find dofollow blogs means .

Use this tool!

Firefox add ons is called Nodofollow. Its function is to find the link - a link on a page is nofollow or dofollow

So, I think is cool deh! Mandatory baget for you try .

     * Download and install the add onsnya from here
     * Restart Firefox
     * Feel the pleasure

     * Open Firefoxmu and visit a site and right click
     * Click on the nodofollow
     * See and feel the sensation
If red means Nofollow while the color blue is DoFollow.
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