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Registering Blog to Google Webmaster Tools

One of our goals is to create a blog read by others, A blog is often visited will make us happy because we feel tulisan2 useful. But how do we blog can be found and visited by many people?

One of the biggest sources of visitors are from search engines or search engines. When we blog indexed in search engines, of visitors will arrive in droves, but How do I make a blog can enter or indexed into search engines, One way is to submit or register your blog to the popular search engines. In this article we will discuss how to submit or register your blog into a most popular search engines ie Google.

Submit blog to search engines Google

So that our blog can appear on Google search pages, we need to know how Google invited to come and look around our blog, How?

In order for Google to come to the blog we need to tell Google the address of our blog, let me Google is not misplaced. Here's how to invite Google or submit blogs to Google.

One - Go to Google Webmaster Tool page or click here and login with your google account, if not have, you can make it in advance.

Second - Enter your blog url into the field provided (red circle), then click the add site

Third - Click on Verify Your Site

Fourth - click Add a Meta Tag in the drop down menu, then copy the code provided by google webmaster

 Fifth - The blogger platform, open a blogger account> Layout> Edit HTML, then look tag on the box code from the template. Copy the code from Google Webmaster Tools and Paste it in just under Tag or before the closing </ head>, then do not forget to click on SAVE TEMPLATE.
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