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How to rank 1 in google the easy way and fast? The secret is to determine what keywords we will pursue. To be number one in google search results can be easily and can also be difficult depending on the keywords that we seek. If the keyword is at stake is too heavy a rival then we would be hard to rank 1. But if keywordnya easy course of effort required is light, so in a matter of days our website dah perched at number one, at least one page.

To identify a keyword in google I usually use several tools. This time I used the google adword keyword tool. In addition to complete data can also dipercaya.Pencarian the right keywords is the basic foundation of SEO, so I have to explain this. Because some other toturial I also use the method that I discuss now.

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Knowing the number of keyword search with google keyword tool

The first stage we have to calculate the monthly search results using the google keyword tool, follow these steps:

1. Go to google adword keyword tool. if enough trouble remembering the address typed the word "google keyword" on will see you at the number one search result. Do not forget if you have an account adword login, if you do not have a better first-registration for free. Why? Since the results given will be different when you log in google adword keyword tool. When the log estimates given are estimates traffic on google, if no login is still a rough estimate because coupled with powerd by google searches on other search engines.

2. input the keywords you are going to test on a column word or phrase. typing random according to the requested keyword as a verification tool and click on "search".
3. Although the number of searchers are out but this result was mental. Change Locations (target location) and Languages ​​(target language) in the Advanced Options menu to find out more specific search results according to your desired target. Suppose you are looking for key words from Indonesian to Indonesia locations. Then click "search" again.

4. After that, on the sidebar on the left there is the "Match Type". Click the [Exact]. this is to find search results that use the quotation marks "_". Exact results of the search in fact fewer and more difficult to obtain. so if you can become one in the keyword exact ranking is likely that you could easily be in the Board or Phrase keyword.

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Explanation of Search Results Google Keyword Tool

Let not confused conduct its own analysis, the following statement issued by the google keyword tool. clay first drawing will be matched with ketengan not let her daze.
The first column keyword: Isinnya keywords that are diresearch, is also an alternative keyword. in a single google keyword research tool will give us 100 keywords related to (2 pages).
column two competition: Competition is competition in this case google advertisers. because these tools actually used for google adwords advertisers.
Global Monthly Searches third column: number of search globally in a month. more and more traffic means more potential that will come.
The fourth column of Local Monthly searches: in the picture above intentionally made invisible so that you know that you can actually activate the other columns. function displays the month based on the state's local search that you specify in the Advanced Options.
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Kalao I think depending on the needs of his website. whether for a blog, an affiliate minisite, online shop and also a source of income later. For me personally would rather choose the above 100o search for monthly local search. if keywordnya below 1000 not going to grab me.Competitor Website Analysis
To fight on the battlefield we must know who our enemies are, in order to prepare mature strategy. So also in terms of SEO, so I can be number one on google should choose keywords with low competition and do not dare ngelawan keywords with high profile competitors.
To consider in assessing a competitor's website there are 3 things.

1. The number of web search results. After obtaining targeted keywords that want to go to or,, (for researching local competitors). If the number of websites in
       search results below 1 million you still have a chance to be one page with ease. If your target is the local
       market do not forget to look in google local competitors.
   2. The number of page rank websites on the first page. Ideally the total pagerank 10 websites on the first 
       page of the maximum is 30. Why must a minimum of 30? if the total is 30, meaning the average pagerank 
      of the website is 3. reality website with pagerank 3 can still be defeated by a webiste were even zero as 
      long as pagerank 1 onpagenya good SEO optimization. If there is one website with a pagerank of 3 that 
      he   address his position is hard to beat, then it's up to you.
   3. Web Domain competitors. note whether there are websites that use those keywords as domain exactly. 
      If there are websites that use keywords that you research domain as a sign that the website is going to be
      bitter enemies as well as websites with high pagerank. suppose the keyword that you seek is "blogs first 
      Indonesia", if there are websites with domain means already lost one seat position in 
      the page of google.
   4. Additional Analysis: If you want a steady check in google search results using the code "intitle: keyword 
       targeted" if the search results sign more than 100,000 heavy competition.

Take action so rank one on google with adwords keyword tool
all written before the new theory, war tactics now are:

1. Find a keyword with a total monthly search quite a lot, is related to the traffic that will be accepted. use 
      the keyword tool.
   2. See the number of competitor's website in google search results, look for keywords with a competitor's 
       website under 1 million.
   3. Note the competitor's website pagerank on the first page. Avoid keyword competitor berpagerank 
       above 3. To find out your pagerank quickly please install the SEO plugin for Mozilla browsers, I  
       recommend using SEO Quake. because of the rapid loading and info is sufficient. how to install it easily 
      just  click install aja follow the instructions requested, when it has finished close the browser mozilla firefox
      and open again, aka restarted. once completed, each time you do a search on google, will exit the SEO
      information that you need from every website.  
   4. To be quick on the perched on page 1 google use keywords that you seek as a domain of your website.
   5. Create a website using wordpress and the theme is seo friendly. create unique content and seo friendly.
   6. Attach a minimum of 5 backlink Linkwheel website in the article. if difficulties are looking for backlinks  
      wrote as much as possible

with 5 of the above components are guaranteed your blog or website can be number one on google or at least on the first page depending on how strong you are building backlinks and how much the value of SEO articles that you write.
It is to identify a keyword is not easy and takes time, but if you'd be able to continue to try find out which keywords are right for you. Purpose of "try and hold" is trying to make the website and fought in the SEO field, not just the main type in keywords in google but not until real practice to create a website.
Difficult or not depends on the strength of competitors and weapons in your SEO. Suppose you pingin be number one but only use certainly more difficult than if we are using a wordpress blog. That you better understand this problem please read my article titled FACT SEO terrible, so that content that you write really 100% SEO friendly SEO plugin that supports use my blog entry with a quick google page 1.

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